Gutter Guards and Repair

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Gutter systems channel water safely away from your roof to the ground. Homes prone to heavy debris (leaves, pine needles, even heavily-shedding granules from shingles) often need multiple gutter cleanings per year to maintain the gutter system and prevent blockages (overflows, and in some cases, even roof leaks).

We can supply and install gutter guards, which prevent debris from entering the gutters and downpipes. Applying gutter guards is an investment that could save you time and money.

While upkeep is still recommended (sweeping/blowing the roof, removing debris from the tops of the gutter guards, and flushing the downpipes as needed), this is often less costly and less frequent.

We are pleased to supply and install Alu-Rex’s Gutter Clean system:

Gutter guard

Gutter Repair

Not only can we clean your gutters to ensure they are functioning as they should, we can address further repairs.

Problems in the gutter system can include leaking corners/joints, damaged gutter sections, detached downpipes, cracked or missing tile cover caps, and rotten outlets.

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