Moss Removal

Moss doesn't belong on a roof.

Aside from being an eyesore, moss has the potential to damage the structural integrity of your roof.

To avoid expensive repairs, we can help remove the moss.

Roof moss

Rather than pressure washing, which has the potential to cause damage and leaks – we will remove moss by hand.

We'll first sweep up and blow off any large, bulbous moss from the roof.

For the thin layer of moss remaining, we apply a detergent to the roof, which eventually does the rest of the work. The detergent we use does not contain bleach or harsh chemicals. It is safe and gentle on your home and surrounding areas (including your furry friends).

We’ll ensure that surrounding areas are left tidy and roof debris is hauled away.

We are also open to discussing your preferred moss treatment methods. If you supply the product/applicator, we can do the work.

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